"Bra-blems" solutions




Choosing  the perfect bra can be a little challenging. The first thing that comes to our minds while trying to look for the perfect bra is the color, material or if the bra is cute and sexy. In reality, the main thing is the comfort of the bra. THIRDLOVE and I are here to help you guys solve your "bra-blems," Here are a few easy solutions to consider while searching for the perfect bra or while wearing your fave.            

    Side rub 
   Sometimes our bra is either too tight or too loose and this causes our bra to rub under the armpits leaving a red mark. How annoying and painful is this, right?
Usually we make the mistake of buying bras that are a little too big because the cup size is right. An easy solution is to size down on the band. If the bra is tight, don't torture yourself ! Simply go up a size.

The under wire struggle 
   RIP to all those cute, comfy bras that we couldn't rescue.
What do you do to help your survivors and new bras before the wire decides to go bye-bye or come out? The key is in how you wash them. The best thing to do is to air dry your bras because the dryer can damage your bras and can make the wires come out. Take care of your bras.  #handlewithcare

Cup shape
  Have you noticed some of your bras have dimples?
This usually happens to push up bras or bras with a little more cushion. To avoid this, make sure to store your bras correctly. Separate your bras from your regular clothes in order for them not to lose their shape. You can put bras on top of each other but make sure the cup is facing up.

I attached a few other solutions THIRDLOVE came up with to help you with your "bra-blems." we also wanted to give you guys 15% off your entire order until the end of 2016 with the promo code: BRABLEMS  enjoy!!

editor: Anahi Arriaga