Hiding in my closet

Hello my awesome Daydreamers!

IDK if you guys have been keeping up with my social media posts (if not) I have been buying and posting a lot of high waisted  jeans. I think they are ideal for crop tops. I usually create outfits with stuff that I already have, this helps me save money. I only spend $15 dollars + tax on this outfit. How is that possible? My shoes and necklace have been hiding in my closet for months now. I just happened  to find this cute mustard crop top at +H&M for $10. I never go to +Old Navy  (and it's  just a few blocks away from my house) but I decided to go and check their clearance section (OBVIOUSLY) I came across these super comfortable high waisted jeans for only $5.97.
Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the new trends. Let me give you a little advice >> wait a week or two, some stores will clearance things out and it might  be what you wanted for $50/$60. Reason behind it "Fast Fashion" have you heard about it? Maybe that could be my next post (I'll think about it) :)

*you can watch a preview here >>The True Cost  or find the complete documentary on +Netflix US & Canada 

Hola mis Daydreamers!

No se me siguen en mis medios de comunicacion sociconal (si no) ultimamente eh estado subiendo fotos con pantalones arriba de la cadera. Piendo que son ideales para las crop tops. Usualmente cfeo conjuntos con ropa o cosas que tengo en casa, esto me ayuda a haorrar dinero. Solo gaste   $15 dollars + tax en este conjunto. Como es esto posible? Mis zapatos y collar estaban escondidos en mi closet por meses. En un dia de compras me encontre esta crop top color mostasa en  +H&M a solo $10. Nunca voy a  +Old Navy  (y solo queda a unas cuadras de mi casa) decidi ir a echar un vistaso a la seccion de ofertas (OVIO) y me encontre estos pantalones arriba de la cadera a solo $5.97.
Aveses es dificil seguir todo lo que esta de moda, un consejo de mi para ustedes>> esperen una o dos semanas y lo veras en oferta, y puede see algo que queries pot $50/$60. La rason es por lo llamado "Fast Fashion"  as escuchado de el?  Deveria ser mi proximo post (lo pensare) :)

*Aki Puedes ver un avance >>The True Cost  oh encuentra todo el documentario en +Netflix US & Canada 

Lets talk about my outfit//Hablemos de mi conjunto:

Crop Top:H&M
Jeans:Old Navy
Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Photo credit:Jose Lopez.