#Say NO to Bad Vibes

Do you avoid wear trendy clothes because...
             -What others might say
             -Funny looks
(I used to be that girl^)
My advice to you is who cares!!! If you love something and you feel confident and comfortable wearing it you shouldn't  care what other people think !! Sometimes we care too much of what others think about us, remember  "life is too short to wear boring clothes ". Today I challenge you to wear something you always wanted to wear and rock it !!! #saynotobadvibes
*If  you are not comfortable with yourself it's time for you to start loving yourself!!
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 Happy Friday!!

Never stop daydreaming!!

Lets talk about my outfit:

Dress: local thrift store[$7]
Jelly Sandals:Forever 21
Are you mad for plaid?
Can you believe this dress was a thrift store find?? With tags and everything!! crazy right??