The idiot that inspires me every ...

Who is that  idiot that inspires me every day? I know what you are thinking: OMG she is such a bitch  for calling this person an idiot. But what about the part where  I say " he inspires me every day"? There is a difference between facts and interpretation, and people love the word interpretation. Well let me explain why he is an idiot. First of all who will deal with a crazy daydreamer, perfectionist, bossy, demanding, control freak (sometimes feminist) who is still learning about herself and makes a lot of mistake? The worst part is that he has a choice (everybody has a choice), but he refuses to  make a different choice. I really don't want him to, I got a great deal with him; I can be myself and I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not, I can run naked around the house and he will run naked with me instead of judging me. Fights? hell yeah we fight, we are so different and we both have our own opinion. That's what make it fun, stating YOUR opinion and NEVER try to change or judge the other persons point of view (just understand it). Everybody is raised different there is no way you are going to think like the other person, this is when your VALUES kick in.

Lets talk about the inspirational part. We have our ups and downs, but regardless of how hard it gets he is always pushing me. Of course as a control freak I don't like it, because in my point of view I'm the one in control and wants to push him (selfish mode). But in reality he is the one who motivate me to be someone in life.  He has so many good qualities: great at empowering people, never gives up, disciplined, understandable, patient, he always makes people laugh, hard worker, he has a strong opinion, not easy manipulated (only by me), outgoing, intelligent, great dancer, I can go on all day. The two biggest ones are loving and caring. I come from a family where there was not a lot of affection and it was really hard to say "I love you" to my siblings or parents. Dating a super sweet loving person was really hard for me and our relationship.  He taught me that it was ok to say "I love you" and to show your emotions (still working on it). I'm forever grateful I met this person.

By now you must have figured out who am I talking about if not let me tell you: My bff , my partner in crime, my lover, my inspiration, My fiance'. He is the idiot that inspires me each and every day.

We've grown up so much together as a couple and done so many things we've never thought we will do. I just want to tell  him, thank you for making me happy I love you and I always will! Happy 8 year anniversary!! (and many more to come).

With love,

Tiff.                                                                                                                                                  (3-19-15)      
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