Trouser that !!

 Fun fact about fashion evolution, thanks to WWI women started wearing trousers. Why ??  Because we are so clever and awesome, women started working in the 1920's and 30's ("men jobs") and they managed to wear their husbands trousers (and keep their jobs) Cool right? But it wasn't until the 1970's when trousers became fashionable. Now a days we have different styles of trousers, we even have denim trousers. The truth is that we don't need another war to inspire our awesome designers!!

 Lets talk about my outfit:

                                                                       Shirt: Levis
                                                                       Trousers: MNG by mango
                                                                       Shoes: Ross
 Hechos interesantes sobre la evolucion de la moda, gracias a WWI las mujeres empezaron a usar pantalones. Por que??  Por que somos intelligentes y grandiosas , Las mujeres empezaron a travajar en los anos  1920's and 30's ("Trabajos de hombres") y sela injeniaron usando los pantalones de sus esposos (y se quedaron con sus trabajos) Que padre no? Pero no fue asta  1970's cuando los pantalones se declararon de moda. Hoy en dia tenemos diferentes estilos de pantalones, asta tenemos pantalones de mesclilla. La verdad es que no ocupamos otra guerra para inspirar a nuestros Grandiosos disenadores!!

 Hablemos de mi conjunto:

                                                                       Blusa: Levis
                                                                       Pantalones: MNG by mango
                                                                       Zapatos: Ross
source: wikipedia